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MEP 2012 - No Loss Defined error

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    MEP 2012 - No Loss Defined error

    Does anyone know how to get rid of "No Loss Defined" error on fittings? I was upgrading a project from 2011 to 2012 and got about 10,000 of these errors. Is a table not getting referenced somewhere?

    Even starting a new project and drawing a few ducts with fittings give the same error on all the fittings. Any ideas?
    Brett Harris
    BIM Manager
    Erskine Dredge & Associates Architects Inc.

    I found this explanation from an Autodesk product support guy:

    The two most common causes for the "No Loss Defined" warnings are fittings in certain conditions do not have loss information either from a table, or specified, and in the other case, there is no flow so there is no loss.

    The only change that was made for 2012 was that the warning was included under the displayable warnings.
    I would look at your fittings and make sure there is a loss associated.

    It sounds like the loss info was never there. 2012 just shows it in the dispayable warnings now.


      Drumming up an old thread here. Are there any repercussions to selecting all instances in the entire project of a fitting and setting the loss method to 'Not Defined'?


        I wouldn't think so, unless you are trying to use the pressure drop calculations.


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