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    Automatic Sizing

    How do I define sizing for automatic pipe sizing?
    I get that I click a pipe on the system then click the duct/pipe sizing calculator but how can I define the pipe sizing as per our company standards? We have a manual method at the moment where we look up on a table and see that a flow rate (velocity only) of between x & y would require a copper pipe diameter of 1/2" and a flow rate of between y & z would require a copper pipe diameter of 5/8" etc.
    Where can I set that?

    By the way, I did quite a lot of fiddling to get 'flow' through the piping systems I made. It was all to do with the connectors; their flow rates, preset or calculated and the Hydronic Return or Supply thing...but it works now!

    Ciao for now.
    Say something interesting....

    I believe it is controlled by the Mechanical Settings under Pipe Settings > Sizes.. Those checkboxes under the column "Used in Sizing". Once cleared they won't be used for the Automatic sizing in MEP... Please correct me if I'm wrong..
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