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Plumbing plans - how to?

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    Plumbing plans - how to?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently got into Revit, graduating in ME. I have been learning the program for 2 months now, got into a slight problems, so if anyone can share experience or do a bit talking with me, I'd be grateful.

    When I work on plumbing plans, I usually model hot and cold water in RCP and sanitary waste and vent in floor plans. I filter each other in plans. Following problem occurs: I modeled 2nd floor sanitary which are in floor physically, sanitary vents are modeled in ceiling of same floor (2nd). But setting my view range makes it so that I see sanitary pipes from floor of the 3rd floor. This makes alot of fuss in plans, since I can't basically differentiate 3rd floor sanitary pipes from 2nd floor sanitary as they are both shown on my floor plan for 2nd floor.

    How do you deal with this situations, or how do you set up you plumbing plans? Do you make RCP for vent/hw/cw, and floor plan only for sanitary.

    Thank you for your reading.

    I'm not an MEP guy, but over the years I did a lot of MEP for single family homes.
    All my plans are normal Floorplans with the view range set to just include everything inside the floors (all the pipes and ducts are inside the concrete floor) and filters to show whatever I need on the floorplan with colors for all the systems.


    Company Website:
    Revit Ideas: Is this family Mirrored? | Approve warnings | Family Type parameter just those in the family


      How do you set a view in a way that you still see fixtures? Toilets, doors, etc. If i set up my view range it just covers ceiling I cannot see rest of the fixtures I need.



        Be sure you're in a floor plan and not in a ceiling plan


          Yep those are floorplans with the actual floor turned off so I can see through it. Need to play with the view range so you do not see the walls of the floor below.

          So cut plane is at 1200mm+ and the view range is set to -250mm which usually works for my projects.
          Company Website:
          Revit Ideas: Is this family Mirrored? | Approve warnings | Family Type parameter just those in the family


            I work for an MEP Consultancy and we do it like this:

            Ventilation, Heating and Cooling, Above Ground Drainage and Domestics are all done as Floor plans. We only use Reflected Ceiling Plans for (Electrical) Lighting and Fire Alarm layouts.

            We have 'Model' Views which we use to produce a coordinated 3D design. We then have sheet views where we have view templates which filter for only relevant services but we do our best not to model in these views as any edits would likely not be coordinated with other services. These views are for annotating and placing on sheets only (ideally).

            If I had a situation where I had floor voids, I would set my view range up as follows:
            • Top = Level Above -700mm (depth of slab supporting floor above, which will be 'supporting' the floor void of the floor above)
            • Cut plane = 1200mm (generally)
            • Bottom = Finished Floor Level (FFL)
            • View depth = Bottom of floor void e.g -500mm
            This will mean you are only seeing services from that particular floor + floor void. You will also be able to differentiate between the services in the main occupied space and the floor void as those services between the "Bottom" and "View Depth" are shown as 'Beyond' and have the Hidden line type (Dashed).

            Hopefully this helps!

            Any questions feel free to ask, hopefully I have been descriptive enough whilst also being brief.


              I work for a mechanical contractor. We only use floor plans (as opposed to ceiling plans) to show our work. We set the view range from finished floor of the active level to finished floor of the level above. We show waste & vent in one view, and domestic water in a separate view. This keeps the drawings from getting cluttered. Use filters to determine what to show in each view.
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