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Would Love to hear from Members Using Revit 2018 for duct fabrication

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    yep for sure.

    1. I am bringing CADmep models into revit.
    2. The files are not broken into floors in CADmep yet, but that is usually the process that we follow. The other BIM designer isn't quite ready to work exclusively in Revit yet. My plan was to try and work solely in Revit if possible. We will probably be working on separate floors at the same time. Essentially, I will need to bring in her .MAJ file into revit for co-ordination.. hence I can't do that if I already have fab parts in that model. So I thought I would break into 3 revit models, 1 for each floor.. and sync to a central model. what do you think?
    3. It will be a single central model (if possible) but 3 revit models..

    hope that makes sense. Let me know your thoughts.


      I'm thinking...

      1. Import the separate MAJs into separate RVT project files.
      2. Link the separate RVTs into your main RVT that you will be working in.
      3. Put each link on it's own workset.

      This would allow you to produce work in the main RVT as a workshared file and "see" all the other operator's stuff.

      If necessary for Revit based interaction (aka moving things around a bit)...
      1. Bind each link in your main RVT and make sure the bound objects are on their respective workset
      2. Isolate by workset, delete, then repeat the above steps as necessary for updates from the other operator.

      Depending on the nuances of your workflow, this may not make sense or it may make perfect sense.
      Thomas N Fuller II



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