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    Grid Bubble Default Extension

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure there is a default extension length for grid bubles somewhere in Revit's settings but I cannot find it. Could someone help me out here?

    Basically, I have a set of dependent views but the grid bubbles encroach outside the boundaries of the sheet. There's another thread in here from 2013 that deals with this but the OP settled with picking those little blue dots for each of his dependent views.

    I don't want to shrink any crop boundaries because I have to capture the air handling zone, but I don't want to go through each dependent view and drag that little blue dot at the end of the grid. Doing this would entail me going through 30 dependent views (dependents for all disciplines) and dragging 4 sides just to tuck them in. That's 120 click/drags. And this is only for one floor and I have 11 more to go.

    I'm sure there's a setting to handle this...

    There's no seeing the default distance but you can set one view and then match grid extents (called that or similar) to the other views.

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    Greg McDowell Jr


      A better way to do this globally is to set a scope box for the grids.
      Also handy if you have multiple buildings on one floor plan as you can lock the grids close to each relevant building.

      Also makes things a lot neater if you make a grid header that has the number in small letters next to the grid line, instead of with the circles on the end (Which do not scale well and take up even more space).
      (I suppose its a cad standard that some people have to adhere to..)
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