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    Hello guys,

    I'm new with Revit and MagiCAD. It's very fun but I'm trying to learn it without guidance and there is limited material out there. I'm working in Revit 2015 and MagiCAD 2015. 11.

    I'm trying to connect a radiator to a very simple supply/return but have failed. I need to define new supply and return systems - how do I do that? I've tried to simply import a pipe family, draw a supply and return pipe and then connect the radiator to them but the radiator cant find the pipes (I can only choose the default supply/return systems and the supply system is 4 degrees C and the return is 10 degrees C which gives an error message). I've also tried to do the same with domestic cold and hot water. I've been stuck on this for weeks now and can't seem to get past this simple step. I've read the guide and tried to look in forums but there is no information for a total Noob like me.

    If I try to define a system it says 'All elements could not be assigned to the system".

    I know I missed a crucial step in Revit/MagiCAD
    Can someone please help a Noob? :thumbsup:

    This is not related to Magicad, you should create all the different systems you need in your project template.
    Go to Families->Piping Systems in the project browser.
    You should see at least the default system for each type.
    Duplicate the existing systems and use Edit Type to create your own names, abbreviation codes, description, Fluid Type, Temperature, line/colour overrides etc...
    This can be a lot of work so if you have an MEP template available from someone else, copy what they have and develop it further as you require.
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