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Piping skids

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  • wildirish317
    This depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You can use structural framing components to build your skid, and then put the heat exchanger on that. Or you can modify the heat exchanger family and add extrusions to represent the beams. Then load the modified family into your project.

    If you just need the looks and be dimensionally correct, that's what I would do. If you are planning on creating a bill of material, you need to use the first method.

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  • jacobr
    started a topic Piping skids

    Piping skids

    Has anyone ever had to model a Skid for say heat exchangers while using revit. I am looking for ways to get the channel and beams to act as i need to due to when i drop them into the model i am not able to rotate them to place how i need to. Let me add I am pretty new to revit and any advice on this would be greatly appericated due to we have switched from AutoCAD to revit. We are trying to model them due to fabbing it in the shop and sending out as one assembly to the field.

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