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    Air Terminal Question

    We ran into a small issue that I'm having a hard time understanding concerning air terminals and was hoping to get some clarity.

    When in a RCP view, viewing a terminal that has rectangular or round duct connected directly to it without using flex duct, the connected duct becomes visible and pick-able through the terminal itself. I don't know much about families but it would appear that the extrusions are solids and there is no indication that they should be transparent.

    I've attached a picture of two terminals side by side. The one on the left has a rectangular duct connected directly to it. The one on the right is just the terminal. For what it's worth, I am aware that they are flippable and that they come in "upside down" when placing in RCP. They are both oriented correctly.

    I'm trying to understand why the duct work is showing up through what is suppose to be a solid. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Welcome to the forum....

    You are seeing the ductwork's rise symbol, which is handled as annotation. All annotation is moved to the foreground.

    You can remove it by turning off the Rise sub-category or the Duct parent category.
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    John Karben | IMEG Corp.


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