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extra parameter for pipe

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    extra parameter for pipe


    I would like to add extra parameter to the pipe that would work just like the "Flow" parameter.
    I created radiator with extra parameter "X". Now when I connect the pipe to the radiator, I would like that the pipe has also parameter X with the same value as in the radiator.

    I managed to create the parameter in the pipe and in the radiator. (the same shared parameter). But the parameter X in the pipe is always showing 0, no matter what I put in the radiator...

    Any clues?


    Parameters that will propagate through the piping are very limited.
    The only 2 that work are, Flow (Hydronic Supply/Return systems) or Fixture Units (Tap water or waste systems).
    These have to be set in the connectors of the family.
    These parameters will also be added up through the pipe network.

    There are ways to use these parameters for other things, for example for sprinkler systems I actually use a Cold Water system type and give every sprinkler a CWFU value of 1. That way every pipe shows the total number of sprinklers it is connected to, which can be used for sprinkler pipe sizing.

    To get around the limited number of parameters, it is possible to use the Fixture Unit parameter to transport a lot of data, by combining multiple family parameters into one WFU. For example CWFU = Number1*10000 + Number2*100 + Number3 + Number4/100 + Number5/10000 will combine 5x 2 digit number into a single number that that will total up through your system. Then you can split these numbers out separately in a schedule to do whatever calculations you want.

    Hopefully this will give you some ideas.

    If you can do a bit of programming you can also go much deeper into how Revit calculates the pipe flow and pressure using an Add In;
    The Building Coder: User MEP Calculation Sample
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      Thanks for the answer. I already adapted "flow" parameter which is not so important. For the moment if works fine.


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