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    MEP Space Naming

    I'm having problems with space naming using 2017 version. Not all spaces were extracted from Archi's model. Some appeared as "Unoccupied" while some wasn't even enclosed. Do I need to manually create the space using "Space Separator" or there is still other way out?

    Lots of times the architects don't fully define and bound their Rooms, and they don't understand that our Spaces depend on their Rooms being properly enclosed. This is especially true if it's a tenant renovation type job in which they're using a CAD import for the building core and shell.

    I'd give your architect a call and explain (in general terms) that you need him to enclose his Rooms properly. Tell him that these Spaces are connecting to your load calc software and photometric software and that you need the rooms to be complete in order for it to work. Even if that's not entirely accurate, it will get the point across to him to fix it.

    If you're planning to do a gbXML export to a load calc sofware, you should be using Space Separators to carve up the larger spaces into perimeter and exterior zones. Some people don't use Spaces at all, and prefer to tag the Rooms through the Architectural Link, but you can actually do some awesome things with them.
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