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    Quality Record

    Hello Reviter,

    MEP is a quite complex field. It’s hard find employers are fit in Revit and MEP.
    So, I am fit in Revit, but I am an architect. I must develop a white paper, to make a Quality record paper. Does anybody have experiences in this field.
    What are the basic-zones to test a MEP- Modell in Revit?
    What are the key-areas?
    Which advices can I give planers?

    I have classic “prof-tools” like BIM-link, Family size reporter, but else is on the market?
    Maybe a dynamo script? Or other plug-ins they are important to test a data model?

    I am glad about to receive any advice !



    Originally posted by andreasdraxl View Post
    I am glad about to receive any advice !
    My first piece of advice? Breathe.

    You really need to break your OP down a bit - you are lightly-touching on (too many) tangential topics.

    Let's start with:

    Q. What do you mean by "a Quality record paper" ?


      ... it is a Check-list to walk systematicly thrue the building(f.e. check dataamaount, used families, opening time, worksets,...)
      Are there check-lists for MEP stuff. Or maybe plug-ins to test a datamodell in different ways. I am not talking about clashes. Its more regarding the dataquality!
      and how can i meantain that.


        You could check for things like;
        -Do all pipes and ducts have a System associated (Not Undefined)
        -Are systems reporting information like flow rates (So they are well connected and can be used for calculations)
        -Is there a consistent numbering/coding system for what components are (Eg Uniformat or Uniclass codes in Assembly code parameter)

        But yes, MEP is complex and hard to define rules for.
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