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Revit mep acp exam

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    Revit mep acp exam

    Hi all,

    i am preparing for attend REVIT MEP Certified Professional exam. please help me. pls provide any guide for attending exam and advice.

    Thanks in advance

    how did it go?
    I am same way now !


      Certified Pro exams Autodesk recommends 400 hours of using the program (in a live project - not just drawing a duct every now and then)

      There are some practice exams possibly worth doing.

      The tests are not that hard and are not designed to make you fail or trick you.
      The test is just to check your knowledge at using the different functions of revit required of you through the cycle of a project.
      It will test several categories
      (and 2 others that I forget right at this moment)

      The test is not all that hard but is very tight on time
      You have 35 questions to get done in 2 hours, and a pass rate of around 80% correct answers required.
      I think it works out to about 5 incorrect answers and you will still pass.
      I finished archi and structure exams with about 1 hour left at the end of the exam but I have more than 10 years using the program.
      I have seen people that are new at the program struggle with the time limit. If you know what you are doing in revit and have done a couple of projects already, you should have no problems. If you are new to revit havent used it on a project and have only been using it about 6 months, you are going to struggle.

      At the end of the exam, it will not tell you which specific question you got wrong but will show you your overall percentage in each category.


        Hi Karalon10
        Thank you very much for details, this will help me.
        Good day.
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          I bought Autodesk Revit 2018 Mep of Ascent ! And if you know videos or over to preparation the ACP Mep, I will be happy to know them !
          thanks in advance !


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