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Handling a Points Cloud Model .rcp File

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    Handling a Points Cloud Model .rcp File

    Hello, I try to put my threads in relevant sections but I couldn't find it. I did stumble upon some really interesting posts in the "Out There" section, but I don't want to put it where there might be less traffic.

    So here we go.

    I was sent an .rcp file and when I tried to link it in, it said the file was corrupted.

    I double clicked it and it opened via ReCap. It was pretty nice. I can see a couple tin ******** looking over drawings and ya know...I can almost see my foreman's plumber's crack.

    Anyhoo, I can't do anything with this in ReCap. After searching through AutoDesk's Knowledge Network and Imaginit's Scan To BIM Blog entry, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    So I started a new project and linked in the .rcs file. Bingo.

    I went to my current project and tried to link in this new project containing the .rcs file. It linked but it wouldn't display anything (I checked worksets, VG, everything including the entire property all the way to the top of the building).

    So I went back to the new project and copied/pasted into my current project. Bingo again.

    After some fine tuning, now it's positioned exactly where it needs to be, but now my question is this:

    I thought when someone does a scan, they also include converting the points to an actual linkable Revit file c/w native Revit content (albeit generic)?

    Thanks for any feedback. Looking for constructive commentary on my "workflow" (read workaround). Something about this doesn't feel right. Been tinkering with this all day and I could really use a cold one before dinner. :beer:


    I just keep it to the side in recap and take measurements of the pointcloud and model the building in revit on the other monitor.
    I found linking in revit slows down everything this much that it is not worth it.
    Besides you will need some level of abstraction.
    Snapping to the pointcloud or even tracing over it will give you a lot of walls who are almost but not completely parallel and almost but not perfectly vertical.
    Last, you can only see what the laser saw. and it does not see everything. And it is always those missing corners that raise questions.
    Look at a 4 story facade scanned from one or two positions on the ground floor if you wonder what I mean. It will not tell you what your window sill on the first floor looks like.
    Geert Vennix, architecte


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