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    flange duct

    hi all
    I need to create rectanguler flange duct
    I am new in revit mep

    Whats wrong with the standard flanged duct revit comes with?


      Originally posted by Hudster View Post
      Whats wrong with the standard flanged duct revit comes with?
      Did flanged ductwork arrive in Revit under the radar? I don't know of any. I mean, there's Fabrication Parts but that doesn't mix well with the native Duct tools in Revit. It's all or nothing, really. I feel like Revit 2017 did a much better job with MEP Fabrication Parts but it's still lacking overall.
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        I work on 2014 version
        Is there a families for flange duct and its fittings


          You can achieve flanges on straight duct (system family) by using a union family, also the OOTB (Out of the Box) fittings also come with flanges. I'd recommend just using the OOTB fittings before diving into family creation.

          Otherwise, Fab Parts will do the job just fine. The big question is: Are you a design firm or a contracting firm who manufactures their own ductwork. Personally wouldn't touch Fab Parts if we weren't manufacturing.


            I do not believe Revit 2014 is equipped with Fabrication Parts.

            Tannar Z. Frampton ™
            Frampton & Associates, Inc.


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