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“Double branch ducts” before what should be a shoe takeoff from a sub-main duct.

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    “Double branch ducts” before what should be a shoe takeoff from a sub-main duct.

    Revit 2017.
    Above is a screenshot of my problem.

    (Iknow that there is another line of ducts there in fade but I will join them later to the automatically generated system when that is done, if I have that idea correctly.)

    1 — I have selected all the supply terminals and the indoor unit as shown.

    2 — I have next selected to “Generate Placeholder” in the “Modify|Multi-select” contextual tab.

    3 — I have lastly selected to “Edit Layout” in the “Generate Layout” contextual tab.

    At this point, I can see that some, if not all, the otherwise sub-main ducts from the main duct have doubled up from the same main duct joint forming two branch ducts on the same route instead of having one sub-main duct to a shoe take off.

    I have looked in the help file and I have also looked on some Revit forums but cannot find anything

    Can anyone advise?

    Many thanks. Tim. :thumbsup:
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    (Used AutoCAD since release 12 & 13 in 1996. Learning Autodesk Revit, not BIM yet)
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