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    Duct Schedules

    Hi All,
    I have a mechanical model that covers multiple floors.
    I am calculating supply duct lengths and need to filter it to give me a total per floor.
    I have no option for level in my schedule, nor is their an option to filter by level or location.
    I am guessing its simple but I am just not seeing it!! What do I need to do to get this information?
    There are other schedules already in the model that have been sorted or filtered to show levels.
    Any help appreciated


    Waiting for the solution, too.


      I scratched the idea of by levels and instead filter schedules by System Name instead. It does require you to have a well manicured model, everything connected properly and good scheduling organizations.

      Levels can get tricky even if it did work because of risers. It's better and more clear if you can relay by System Name, such as RTU-1 duct, since manufacturers have a labeling system that identifies all the connected fabricated parts to a particular system in the field.

      PDF of an old example is attached using plain-jane Revit.
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        Work around

        i have gone into each level and created filters to isolate the items i want in my schedule, then selected them and given each item a comment ie the level at which the items are on. Then added a comments column to my schedule and each item should show the level now via the comments.This is not ideal but it is as good as I can do for now.
        Originally posted by fanclfan View Post
        Waiting for the solution, too.


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