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Automatic placing insulation

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    Automatic placing insulation

    The last couple of days have i been placing insulation on ducts and pipes. It was a not the best time of my life. I then thought to myself if it was possible to make revit Automatic place insulation when a specific pipe/duct(pipe/duckt type) is being place.

    Thanks in advance!


    The way I do it is to not worry about Insulation at all until I am, for the most part, complete in modeling. Then I open a 3D View and only show duct related items, highlight everything all at once, and apply insulation (aka "Duct Wrap") all at once. Same for piping.

    My Duct Types, Pipe Types and System Names are pretty well defined so I can filter these out easily for differences in insulation thicknesses, or lined duct rather than wrap.

    I also have some QAQC views preset in my template that highlights insulation and liner so I can have a visual scope of items potentially missed.

    Hope this helps. -TZ
    Tannar Z. Frampton ™
    Frampton & Associates, Inc.


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