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Placing devices on ceiling in floor plan view?

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    Placing devices on ceiling in floor plan view?

    Hi all. I was trying to place a wireless access point (a data devices, face based family) in my floor plan view, but I noticed it kept hosting to the ground. It was only when I placed it in the ceiling plan view it hosted to the ceiling. However, I need to place it in my floor plan view because those drawings (lighting and auxiliary systems) are separated.

    Right now I'm just placing them in the lighting/ceiling view and then adjusting them in the auxiliary/floor plan view. My view range in the floor plans is set as such:

    Top: Level Above, 0'
    Cut Plane: Associated level, 4'
    Bottom: Associated Level, 0'

    View Depth: Associated level, 0'

    (I did get the advice to switch to none-hosted families, but unfortunately until we have the time to make that transition, I have to work with what I have).


    One option: If you set the Ceiling Plan View Range to Level Above @ 0'-0" (both Top and Depth), and the cut plane to something like 1'-0", you should basically see the exact same items as your Floor Plan.

    I usually work in full RCP views in this way when I need ceilings to be shown in a working view.


    And yes, get those suckers over to non-hosted pronto so you can increase your efficiency x10.
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