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Fabrication Parts failed to install in 2017 ?

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    Fabrication Parts failed to install in 2017 ?

    I just created my deployment for 2017, and checked the box for the MEP fabrication parts after watching a cool demonstration of it. However, when started up Revit, opened the MEP sample file and tried to run Fabrication part i get an error saying "Some items in service ".." were not loaded. You should validate the configuration in an Autodesk Fabrication product. "

    Does anyone know what this means? my is architecture and we don't do much MEP modelling, but it has come up and would be great to use this tool, just not sure how to get it working..
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    Ryan Taube
    BIM Manager - Clayco Construction | Lamar Johnson Collaborative

    Fabrication Parts are controlled by a database that is setup and controlled in a Fabrication Product (CAMduct, ESTmep, CADmep). You should be able to use the Fabrication Part services that ship with Revit without problem even without a Fabrication Product.

    There seems to be a conflict between database versions going on, do you have a 2017 Fabrication Product installed? If you do while the service and database are matching up they might be different versions.

    Did the sample file already have Fabrication Parts loaded? If so the sample file may have been modeled with an older version, and the newer version may have removed some redundant parts.

    Do you have any problems placing new parts?

    EDIT: Just an FYI, Fabrication Parts are presently awful to model with in comparison to the native Revit system families. The advantage is that you can fabricate directly from Fabrication Parts. So I'd only recommend it's use for HVAC contractors. Fabrication Parts cannot at this stage be resized, system(ised), or contain any HVAC design data. The only purpose I have found is for in house fabrication. But good luck, and let us know if you find any other useful applications.
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