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Need a cuttable MEP Family solution

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    Need a cuttable MEP Family solution

    Hello all. I've tried several things but still cannot get what I truly need. Since my discipline is MEP I usually have my View set to an MEP Discipline. I can, and have, and do (at times) use a Coordination View, and set up my V/G to halftone, etc, but the main problem is with the MEP Hidden Lines. It only works how an MEP designer would expect in an MEP View. Yes, Hidden Lines can be turned on in non-MEP Views but it creates hidden lines for literally everything and that's not acceptable.

    My main problem is this: the only cuttable MEP related Families that still show as bold black linework in any one of the MEP Disciplines for the View are system families. Generic Models turn halftone in an MEP Discipline View. When I nest a Generic Model in a Mechanical Equipment Family, it shows as projection, never as a cut. When I set the nested Generic Model Family to Shared, then nest into a Mechanical Equipment Family, it goes right back to halftone, but it does in fact cut.

    A specific example of what I'm after is roof curbs. In a section view, I want roof curbs to cut for my rooftop equipment and stay as bold black linework. One workaround I can think of is to set the Visibility Settings in the Family where it doesn't show in section view, but use Symbolic Lines to represent the Roof Curb as if it were cut. But sometimes I don't want it to cut... if it's an elevation that doesn't actually cut through the unit.

    Is there any workaround to (1) not have to use a non-MEP View Discipline, (2) have an MEP type Family that is cuttable and (3) it shows as black linework?

    Thanks in advance!


    PS: It would be nice if the MEP guys could get a dedicated Generic Model category for MEP elements, where it's cuttable, and stays bold in MEP Discipline Views. This would make a world of difference in adding much greater control in MEP documentation.
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