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Making a workset Non-editable

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    Making a workset Non-editable

    hey guys

    Im busy with a model where im the owner of all the worksets as im doing all the services on the project.
    Ive just completed the drainage and about to start the HVAC.
    Im trying to "lock" the Drainage workset while i model the HVAc so i dont move any of my pipe by mistake while modelling the HVAC.

    Ive tried making the DR workset non-editable in the central and the working on the HVAc workset in the local but i can still edit the drainage.
    I know i can pin all the drainage pipes but i dont really wanna do this as it sometimes causes problems when reloading the updated architecture link.
    "Do or do not there is no try" Yoda

    Sign into Revit as a different user and take ownership of that workset with the alternate user. Save and close without relinquishing ownership of the workset. Sign back in as the HVAC you.
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      You could also place all the drainage in its own workset and then close that workset. Or turn that workset off in the views

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