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Shared Parameters for Air Flow

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    Shared Parameters for Air Flow

    Hi All,

    as I was googling I found out that the usual way to define fresh air in AHU is like supply air, right? Now I am interested how to define parameters for flow on AHU connectors? I assume that they should be shared parameters, but do I need to assign separate shared parameter for each type of flow or one shared parameter is enough for all type? For Example, should I have:

    Shared parameter = Air flow (used for all connectors on AHU), or should I have

    Shared parameters = Supply Air Flow; Return Air Flow, Exhaust Air Flow, etc.

    Best regards, Branimir.

    Yes, separate them.

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      And how should I then define flow for let's say fire dampers? They can go in all systems (fresh, supply...)


        Well, I would have a separate parameter but I would also have a generic air flow parameter which is used on families that are more universal. Make the connecter "Global" for system and link them together. If scheduling or using that parameter in a tag, just make sure you use the correct air flow parameter. If not scheduling or tagging flow, than it shouldn't matter.
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