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Revit Fabrication Extension - Item Numbers

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    Revit Fabrication Extension - Item Numbers

    Hi all,

    First off, I know this should be in the Suggestion/Wish List sub-forum, but I find this too simple a request to justify filling out all those boxes.

    Anyway, anyone that uses the Fabrication Extension for Revit (which I imagine is quite few) would have experienced the frustration of re-itemizing every piece of duct once export as an MAJ file. And it would be quite nice to have our item numbers in Revit transfer to Fabrication (CAMduct) with the rest of the data, such as sizes; specifications; connectors; seams and more.

    Really simple to implement I think, but it just hasn't happened yet. I made the same suggestion on Autodesk's Idea Station for Fabrication products: Revit Plugin - Shared Item Numbers - Autodesk Community

    I know most members here don't use the software. However, if you agree that this simple suggestion would improve the workflow of users of the Fabrication extension, then please up-vote my suggestion in the link so we can get some traction.

    Additionally if you would like to add anything or ask any questions feel free.

    Disregard this thread, the Revit 2017 team has incorporated Item Numbers to function as described above.


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