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    Legend Sheet

    Quick general query ... probably with a long answer.

    What exactly do I use the legend function for?
    Do I have a separate Legend Sheet for each legend I may possibly use?
    Is it similar to Details I'd bring in on sheets?

    Ciao for now.
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    A legend view allows you drag and drop all your families being used in the project/sheet for the purpose of a legend.
    You can show each family in any direction you choose (top, front, side..) and then annotate its description (you cannot tag).
    You can create 1 legend for the project or separate ones depending on the contents of that sheet.
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      But you can also use legends for general notes, combination of symbols and text, etcetera...
      I actually don't use the Note Block but always Legend views.

      There's a few things you need to be aware of:
      1. Legend Views can be placed on multiple sheets (which is why they are so great for general annotations)
      2. Legend Views have a scale. Keep this in mind when creating Legend Views. So that you don't have one view scale 1:100, another 1:20, etc. That's irritating when placing on sheet.
      3. It's to be adviced to create Legend Views in your template (or copy them there at least) since they will probably used in multiple projects.
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