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Ceiling Grids

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    Ceiling Grids

    Ok Guys,
    I know I have stupid questions, but this is the first time I've worked at an engineering firm. Therefore, the first time for Revit MEP including worsets and linked files. Maybe you can help me with this issue.

    I linked in the arch model to work and started working on the RCP. My problem is I can barely see the ceiling grid when it. In the model i have to really zoom in to see the grid lines, but when I plot the lines are barely there.
    I thought it ma be a simple line weight issue in the arch model. Everything in the arch model in on worksets and it keeps telling my that I need permission to change the object styles.

    Is there a way around the worksets, or am I appraoching the issue at the wrong angle and it can be fixed in my model?

    Please help me.
    Thank you for ANY advice in advance.

    Go to the RCP in your model, type VG (Visual / Graphics Override), go to the Tab "Linked Files and change the Ceiling properties there. This should let you override visibility.
    Other possibility: in the RCP, place your cursor above one of the grid lines or edges of the ceiling and hit the tab-button until it's selected (you can check which one is selected in the bottom left corner of your screen). Right click > Override graphics in View.
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      I tried changing my visual graphics and that didn't work. I tried selecting the grid lines but I can't without selecting the link file, at least in my model.

      I forgot to mention earlier that I am having the same visual graphic in the arch model. I do not know if this helps


        A reflected ceiling is consisted of an edge, fill pattern and material.
        The material has the fill pattern defined.
        You would have to change the lineweight of the fill pattern.
        IN VG you can change the color of the pattern just not the lineweight. you can change the lineweight of the edges just not the pattern.
        Unless you can find a way to change the thickness of a fill pattern your out of luck.
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