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Pipe Insulation for Tees - Garbage!

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    Pipe Insulation for Tees - Garbage!

    Alright, the title of this thread is just my frustration over Revit's insulation for tees.

    They look like big triangles. Has anyone overcome this? I tried adding through the SysQue add on and still the same.

    On a practical level, it does interfere with clash detection. However, to be honest, this is more of an emotional reaction to something ugly I have to explain at the BIM coordination meetings.

    Pipe Tee Insulation.JPG

    First, insulation is created via Revit, not SysQue. I wished Kenny and the gang had control over it, but they don't. If they did have control, it'd probably be way better.

    Wanna see dumb insulation? Loot at high-efficiency duct taps.

    I'd love to see the ADSK team clean up the insulation creator.
    Thomas N Fuller II



      Damn, was hoping someone here had a solution or some insight into how piping insulation is applied in Revit. I'm trying to figure out exactly how Revit applies it, but am so far fruitless. Obviously, I also am frustrated with the ugly and inaccurate geometry of insulation on fittings and accessories.

      It seems to just apply it to the nominal diameter from connector to connector, so a straight accessory or fitting with only two connectors works okay. Once there is a third connector it starts to look bad.

      What I am trying to do at the moment is apply 50mm of insulation to a lugged butterfly valve, but like I said Revit starts the insulation at the nominal diameter. So the result for my valve is insulation that looks like only a few millimeters. So what I really want to know is how to control (if possible) the start point of the insulation.


        sorry kool... cool!!! just now came to know about this post.

        Length of T-matters e.g. I took 300 dia pipe tap of T-length 1st pic shows 225mm and 2nd pic shows 275mm for the insulation thickness of 75mm.

        T-length need to be modified based on insulation thickness and diameter of pipes.

        Pipe Insulation1.png
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          Tee lengths will not be modified by our family supplier as they are based on manufacturer spec sheets.
          Thomas N Fuller II



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