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    System Types and names

    Hi all,

    Slight issue on revit 2014 (projects version), I have a Domestic Cold Water Service feeding a Break Tank from the incoming into the plantroom which was also serving four Hot Water cylinders. the project has changed now where the cylinders are no longer being served by the Mains and are being served by a Boosted tank from outside the plant room.

    now what is happening...

    the cylinder pipework is seperated completely from everything else, yet when I change the pipework to a new system type Boosted Cold Water (duplicated off the Domestic Cold Water) It will also change the Domestic Cold Water serving the Break Tank and vice versa when I change the break tank pipework back to Domestic Cold Water.

    I'm not too sure on how to get around this as I need to specifically label pipework with appropriate tags and so far I can't do this.

    Any advice or help would be appreciated.



    sounds like the supply pipes to the tank are in the same system as the others (You can see this if you TAB until you get a dashed line).
    You probably need to select the pipes you want to put in a separate system. Cut, paste to same place, then give it a new system type.
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      This happens all to often.
      I tab through the system until the pipe system and classification is highlighted in dashed lines. Hit the delete key to delete the classification system. I will than tie the correct system classification into the now unidentified system and it will inherit the new classification.

      If you can, try editing the system and removing the cylinder pieces of equipment. If you cannot remove them and they're not "equipment" just do the aforementioned steps.
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        I discovered another way to fix this recently. Sometimes if you tab to the system another option comes up called "Split System". Click that, then select the part of the system you dont want and delete that one, then the correct one will not change. Otherwise I use the options mentioned above.


          I've figured out how to disassociate the pipework, by 'dividing system', not too sure if that's the best way or not, but it seems to have done the job by what it says on the button.

          I found out it was also an issue with the cylinder, where the connector elements for the cylinder were for domestic cold water, changing that to Global let me choose the connection based on what the pipework was classed as.

          Thanks for the suggestions



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