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Pipe tag indicates under or above floor

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    Pipe tag indicates under or above floor

    Hi There all,

    Is it possible to great a pipe tag wich can indicate "uf" when the pipe is under the floor and "af" when the pipe is above the floor ?



    Unfortunately no.. not automatically. Because they would need to be two different types.
    You could make two types of tag, filter out everything above floor level and then tag all with "uf" and then repeat with the opposite filter for "af".....
    ...but oh no! You cant filter by Offset! Thanks autodesk :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    IMHO the whole area of automatic tagging needs to be greatly improved in revit so until then you would have to place the two different types manually, or just accept negative values as enough to show under floor.
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      And what about only a pipe tag that indicate the text "u.f." (under floor) when the offset of this pipe is negative.
      is that possible ?


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