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Shared co-ords or not??

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    Shared co-ords or not??

    Can you tell if the Architects created his model using shared co-ords or not? or just link the model in using centre to centre?


    I would ALWAYS use Origin to Origin the first time you link a model in. (It should be the default not centre to centre, which is a totally meaningless relationship between two different models..)
    After you have linked the models, and positioned stuff in your model to be in the right place, you can use "Acquire coordinates from link" to set the coords in your model to the same as the architect.

    Then if the architect ever decides the original coordinates where wrong and changes them (So the linked model would appear in a completely different place in your model) you can just reload it to the same place with Origin to Origin and reacquire the new coordinates.

    To answer your first question (I think) if you do acquire coordinates and it doesnt do anything then your model is already set up with the same shared coordinates.
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      You can tell (if their model has shared coordinate data) if the coordinates displayed in the Survey Point and Project Base Point icons are using coordinates other than 0,0. Keep in mind that is not conclusive because they could just move them around without formally establishing shared coordinates with intent.

      That written, it doesn't matter if they did or not. As the previous reply wrote... Use Auto-Origin to Origin and start work. Create your model over/within their building.

      If the architect has defined shared coordinates (or at some point in the future they do) you can use Acquire Coordinates to "pull" that data into your model. The relationship between your model and theirs will be sound based on Origin to Origin. Shared Coordinates only expand on how useful the models can be to a wider audience, if that becomes necessary.
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