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Piping Systems type in 2012

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    Piping Systems type in 2012

    I've had to revert back to Revit 2012 today and i'm struggling with the interface.

    I've modelled some pipework which is set as Hydronic pipework but soon as I changed one of them to Domestic Cold Water in the system type it disappears from the view.

    So I looked in V/G but cannot find system type to switch back on in this view.

    Can anyone help?


    Revit MEP - 1 Day at a time...

    Check the discipline or sub-discipline, maybe? In '14, the mechanical discipline turns off plumbing systems. Can't remember if '12 had that functionality or not. It might be a filter set to your view template.
    Thomas N Fuller II



      sounds like a filter by system type to me..
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