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    Stop Monitoring Grids

    Hi, I tried a multiple copy of grids from the arch model into our MEP model. And unfortunately about only half of the grids made it into our MEP model. I have grids turned on in the MEP model and the arch model, I know this because some of the grids are showing up in the MEP model and I can move them around, and the other half I click on them and it's the arch model link.

    I tried to individually recopy the grids that somehow didn't make it and I get an error saying the grid is already being monitored, stop the monitoring then I can recopy it. So it knows it's been copied but it's not showing up like the other grids.

    The only way I could find to stop the monitoring was to remove the arch link, we're far enough along in the design process that this would be a pretty big headache.

    Is there a way to see all copy/monitored elements somewhere in Revit and tell it to stop, or is there something else I'm missing?


    - Using 2013

    You can right click, select all instances in project and stop monitoring them. Or you can delete them but than need to remove them from the "coordination review". I would also try right-clicking, select all instances and then right-click again and maximize 3d extents because maybe those grids don't go through that level for some reason.
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