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    View range help

    I'm currently working on a car dealership and I'm having problems with some 2nd floor architectural items showing up on my first floor plan. The office building and service building are attached to each other. The office side of the building has 2 floors while the service side is open and 2 floors high. The problem is I want to show the piping in the service area that goes up and is routed along the ceiling but when I adjust my view range to include an appropriate top elevation to show this piping, it's also showing some architectural features from the 2nd floor on the first floor of the office side of the building (i.e. counters from the second floor are showing up on my first floor). Since the architects model is linked in, I can't individually select the counters from the second floor and hide them. How can I make this work so that only first floor features show up on the office side of the building but doesn't cut off my piping at that same level so in the service side of the building I can see the piping all the way up to the ceiling?

    I hope this makes sense.

    BTW, I'm using Revit MEP 2013

    Plan Regions are the way you want to go, but they are notoriously buggy in Revit MEP.


      Ribbon > View Tab > Plan Views > Plan Region. Create a Plan Region over the service area and while it's selected, you can adjust an independent View Range for the extents of only that region. This way you can have "two View Ranges" on the same View.

      Hope this helps.

      *EDIT* Aaron beat me to it.
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        I think a view template (or at least changing your view settings) would be the best bet. In your VG you can modify what is shown in the linked model. Turn off everything from the architect you don't want to see (casework, furniture etc) and it should be ok. You might also look into using a plan region.

        Plan Regions
        Revit View Range | Paul F. Aubin

        Taking some time to get your template in order sounds like it would be well worth the effort:
        Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

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          Ya'll are awesome. Thank you!


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