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Pipe fittings not updating

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    Pipe fittings not updating

    When I change both pipes on each side of a fitting (elbow) the result is a fitting with a reducer on each side. It seems like a lot of extra work to erase the fitting and reconnect the two pipes to regenerate the fitting. Am I missing something?

    Select the fitting as well when changing sizes.
    John Karben | IMEG Corp.


      Yes this is always a pain in revit, especially if you want to calculate and change pipe sizes in a schedule.

      For this reason I have started using Pipe Placeholders a lot more. They are much faster to draw and have no fittings. I sketch the piping system with placeholders, calculate/set the sizes, then copy the placeholder design to a workset that is always off (to save a hidden copy). Then I convert the placeholder design to pipes and fittings, which actually works well if you set the routing preferences correctly. If I need to change a lot of the sizes later it is quicker to delete the whole pipe system, adjust sizes in the placeholder design, then copy paste and convert to restore the piping system.
      The only problem with this method is that if you have lots of pipe accesories it may cost more time to replace them all.

      If you only want to change part or all of the piping system to a single size you can just select the part you need with tab and change size for all the pipes and fittings at once.
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