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thewrz's super awesome hanger family

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    thewrz's super awesome hanger family

    In another thread I posted a couple light fixtures that used it. But I'll post it here as well. It's in Revit 2011 format since I know some of you don't have subscriptions (we're not all made of money like I am).

    It started out as strictly for light fixtures, but you can use it for anything that requires multiple hangers, and being hosted to sloped ceilings. Make sure the family you're going to nest is shared, then host it on one of the hanger's ends.

    In hindsight, however. What might have been better was making a work plane based family first. Then instead of making the fixture swing around, I would make the escutcheons angles, and hanger lengths, flex. That way you could use it as an always vertical family. Which makes it easier to adjust the hanger length by adding in a work plane that you can click and drag in a section or elevation view.

    I'll work on that next.

    If you have any suggestions for this family, or modifications of your own. Go for it. And post it. As I am curious and always like learning about family creation. Also, strip out the URL and Type Comments parameters if you want. I just put them there so you know who made it

    Edit: Added the same family, but instead of it being face-based, it's the workplane/always vertical family where instead of tilting the fixture around, it flexes the individual hanger lengths and escutcheon angles.
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