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    Ring shaped Lighting Family

    Hi everyone,

    I have a ring shaped Lighting Fix. with IES file. Do you have any suggestion how to define ring shaped light source with IES file? If i choose Circle from Emit Shape and define Photometric Web as distribution, I can just define round shape which shine trough all diameter (see attached photo).

    For now I've just came up with the solution to create self-illuminating material and don't use IES at all, but this solution is quite inconvenient if I have more types with different lm, K...

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    Is it possible to use multiple small point IES sources around the ring? The ring must have individual bulbs in it.

    If its not possible....approximate! (Basically all engineering)
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      Yeah, but that would mean several nested IES inside which makes file really heavy. Thank for suggestion though


        It won't make it "really heavy," but it will make it correct.

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          Given "accuracy" is a massively contentious condition of (modelling) lighting (with any rendering package) I've still not found a need to use IES files over Revit light sources or self-illuminating materials... are you running ElumTools and/or exports to something more intelligent?


            Originally posted by josephpeel View Post
            ... multiple small point IES sources around the ring?
            Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I thought the process to generate an IES file was to physically measure the output of the fixture with a goniophotometer (measures light output at different angles) as manufactured, all lamps included. So a single fixture could have multiple IES files based on the lamping arrangement, but each file contains the data for all lamps in that arrangement. I've always used one (matching) photoweb per manufacturer fixture. For example, a linear row of 8'-8'-8'-4' pendants would utilize the 8' IES file (3) times, and a 4' ies file (1) time. As the IES data is measured from the center of the fixture, that's where I align the web.
            Chris Ellersick


              Originally posted by cellersick View Post
              ...each file contains the data for all lamps in that arrangement...
              As I know this is as you understand, yes. I also have IES for whole outer ring, which is useless in this case.


                As I agree that the most realistic option is like Joseph suggested (small point IES sources around the ring), we decided that optimal approach is to add several segmented IES (rectangular Emit shape). It look quite good.

                Thank you all for your help

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