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    Nested Family


    I'm struggeling with some of my models.
    I have this model ( SPY ON ) which is a nested family.

    This contains : The family "ROTATION" and a extrusion of a ceiling pot.

    In ROTATION -> Family 6 , in Family 6 -> TILT , in TILT you can find the last family : LAMP

    Now here is my problem: I added my Photometric data to the family "LAMP" so it Rotates and tilts allong the rest of the file .
    And also the "tube" is drewn in here.

    IN the Nested Family : RSen_63_LF_FB_Luminaire - SPY ON_deltalight, you can change the color of the tube and the housing ( Parameters are instance )

    But I have to make it possible that the client can select a color in the Type catalog, which causes that the .IES files that are linked to the Photometric data have to be change as well.

    But when i change them and set them to another type, all the other types are changed as well ..

    Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this ?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Whoa.. that was like the movie Inception...
    How many levels of families in families??

    Try making a rotation system in the main family, that moves a reference line to whatever angle you want, then attach the 3D model to it, and a light source in the main family controlled by a parameter.

    If that doesnt work then put the light source in just the first level of nested family. Make a type in the nested family for each light source you want to use. Then in the main family use a 'Family Type' (Label) parameter to select light source type in the main family.
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      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the quick reaction!

      The Family-ception is because it rotates in 2 ways :It Tilts and it rotates ( Each rotation requires 2 familes, 1 to set the rotation and one to make the rotaton from a certain place )
      -> The tilting part may not tilt the Bottem part , so it has to be in a different family
      -> Rotation part has to be evrything together

      --> The Families "TILT" and "Rotate" already contains a parameter controlled reference line, there parameters are also set to instances so I can control them in the main family ( RSen_63_... )

      (Sorry , this is getting complicated )

      And also tried this to make a type of the lightsource.. But it doesn't change the end-result
      It doesn't change a thing

      Is it maybe my way of making family types ?


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