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Fabric Duct / Multi Connector Air Terminals

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  • sumex
    started a topic Fabric Duct / Multi Connector Air Terminals

    Fabric Duct / Multi Connector Air Terminals

    Ok, so I am wondering if anyone has ever made an air terminal that can pass its flow THROUGH it while it also diffuses air. I had thought by linking the connectors, I might be capable of doing this, but so far, no joy.
    Basically, what I am trying to do is trick Revit into considering Fabric Duct. I've got the math right and the flow calculates swimmingly, but it only works on branch runs. It won't allow air to pass THROUGH the air terminal and also keep going. Basically, I made a simple air terminal that's nothing more than a cylinder with a connector on each end. I had linked the two connectors, hoping it might pass the flow upstream, but no joy.

    Any ideas?
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