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Need help Passing Fixture Units through my Family

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  • josephpeel
    Try setting all your connectors to Fixture Units instead of Calculated. Also if you set all the connectors to Fitting the FUs will pass through automatically, but then you cant do any calculations with them in the family itself.

    Also check your piping system is set up for FUs and not flow.

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  • lolosebu
    started a topic Need help Passing Fixture Units through my Family

    Need help Passing Fixture Units through my Family

    Hello...I'm having trouble passing Fixture Units through families that i'm creating. I created a back to back water closet carrier, with the connectors coming in from the 3 inlets (the back end of the carrier plus each of the toilets) all set to Flow Configuration "Calculated" and Flow Direction "In". However when i go to set the my outlet parameter (by totaling the 3 inlet parameters), I have a unit of when i go to neutralize the unit by dividing by 1, its changing my "1" to "1 CFM". so i suspect im never converting to FUs for my outlet connector to pass onto the connected pipe, and thus getting a 0 calculation on my fixture unit pipe tag. Has anyone had a similar problem and have any advice?

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