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Oddly shaped duct - thoughts?

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    Oddly shaped duct - thoughts?

    Consider the option of certain types of duct being able to be shapes not square, rectangular, circular, or ovular.

    I've been tasked with making ducts that have shapes such as half round, quarter round. How would you think of doing it successfully? I was thinking duct fittings that have different angular fittings and settings. For instance, one duct fitting family would be a transition from horizontal, turning left and having an extrusion that can go up or down and adjustable with an angular and length setting. Another would be a transition from straight to angular down adjustable with an angular and length setting.

    It requires a lot of families, but it's better (I think) than a line-based option. Thoughts?
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    Ducts are system families. How could we create new types of ducts with other sections? Yes, you could do some model families that imitate ducts, but those families won't be recognized as ducts in regards to properties, schedules, systems, etc.
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      Yes, ducts are system families. I know my options are limited in that regard. I figured I would ask to see if people had some work-arounds that didn't involve fudging with the current shape restrictions to make them report different values.
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