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The Beck Group seeks Architectural Revit Staff! (Dallas, Texas)

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    The Beck Group seeks Architectural Revit Staff! (Dallas, Texas)

    Brief uncanned paragraph: The Beck Group is looking for a few good people, to join our team of Architectural Staff working in Revit. A solid background in document production is preferred, with a positive outlook on doing things differently, and in innovative ways. We push the envelope in how we document and work through projects with Revit (and we have estimating and Construction in house, who will collaborate with you in your Revit models). We are looking for some passionate users who want to come in and push things forward. Someone who wants to come in and lead a Revit team on a project, see to it that the model and documentation is done correctly and done efficiently, and be a "Power user" for the team.

    Below is our "typical" job description for someone joining the team in Architecture. If anyone has any specific questions about the inner workings of the job or our architecture department, please do not hesitate to email or PM me. The typical job description doesnt describe all of the Revit specifics about the job, but we are a fully immersed Revit office: There wont be details in CAD, there wont be imports, there wont be Revit City.

    The positions (multiple) are in our corporate office, in Dallas, Texas.


    I work for The Beck Group, they are my current employer. I am the BIM Manager here, and i work with the Architectural Staff constantly, so i can tell you what your days will be like.

    Typical canned Description:

    The Beck Group is a leader in the AEC industry: providing sustainable building solutions through integrated services. Beck is a family of 500 employees providing development, architecture, interior design and construction services with offices in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Mexico City, San Antonio and Tampa.

    We are seeking a Project Coordinator, competent in the fundamental aspects of architecture. A Project Coordinator performs work requiring independent judgment in evaluation, selection, and use of standard architectural techniques, procedures, and criteria. Ideally, this position will be familiar with building codes and guidelines. Project Coordinators will participate and document meetings with owners, and will be responsible for coordination with consultants, and leading specific aspects of project. Position will assist with Design, Documentation, and the CA phases of projects. Project Coordinator work is completed in Revit (mostly Architecture), occasionally with RST and RME, and occasionally with Navis for coordination meetings, but Navis, RME, and RST skills are not prerequisites.

    College graduate with relevant degree and 2-5 years of relevant experience.

    Candidates must conduct themselves professionally and represent the organization well. Must be able to use Revit (2012) in a competent manner. All hires will undergo a “Beck Revit Training” initiation week upon arrival, to adapt to office standards. Applicants should be familiar with how a Construction Document set of Drawings is assembled.

    Send me a resume at aaronmaller at beckgroup dot com. Or use my email at home, in my sig!
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