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    Family issues

    I'm hoping someone can give me a little insight to my problem. I'm a new Revit user trying to muddle my way through and have hit a slight snag trying to load a door family, "Opening - Cased". When I prompt to load either "Opening - Cased" or "Opening - Elliptical Arch" I get an error message that reads the following: "Some or all of the family files you selected cannot be loaded. You must choose family files of the category doors. Do you want to retry loading a new set of files?" These are the only 2 categories I've received this message on.

    Can someone help explain what this means? I've opened other family files without a problem but the mentioned 2 just don't want to cooperate.
    I would appreciate any input. Thanks.
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    Posted by Jeff H:

    Are you in the door command and then try loading the cased opening family? If so this is wrong and you will get this error. Try it this way. With nothing selected go to the insert tab of the ribbon. Now select load family. Navigate to the location of the cased opening family and load it into the project. Now go back to the home tab and select the component tool. On the type selector select the cased opening family. Place into wall where needed.

    The cased opening is NOT a door, so when you are attempting to load it while in the door command you get the error because the object you are selecting is NOT a door. It is a COMPONENT.

    I guess a little additional searching before posting would have eliminated the need to post.


      Either way, welcome to the forum!
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        Thank you Martijn.
        Being real new to RAC2012, I figured I'd add this comment for any one else possibly stumbling on this thread; As Jeff H previously noted, the cased opening family is not really a door and doesn't belong in the door family so once you add it as detailed above, don't go to the door command to find it. It won't be there! Instead, you need to open the "component" command. I hope I just saved someone 5 minutes of needless searching.


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