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error messeage when loading custome curtain wall panel....

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    error messeage when loading custome curtain wall panel....

    Hello ......
    i started using revit the beginning i followed some training videos "infinite skills-revit architecture 2011" and "expert student" tutorial on youtube.....and i liked the revit 2011 splash screen"specially" the solar protection wall which also had been used in the expert student tutorial 1\3 as"curtain system-solar protection-mpk" and here's the link for that tutorial""......and to have that solar protection ....i thought of changing the material of one of the standard curtain wall i opened the M_Solid Panel.rfa and then i changed it's material with one of the metal materials in the library....but ..ops i got error message when i tried to use that panel .......and still wondering why......dose changeing the material can really effect the parameter of a family???
    and then i tried second method .....i followed one of the training videos on youtube....."German video" to create custome curtain wall's the link" =1&list=PLB3D2690B3633820B"and the title"revit architecture 2011 splash Screen".........i followed his steps....but i got error message.......
    so here's the custome family panel that i had created i wish if some one can figure out where's the proplem....
    & i'm Aiming to have the same curtain wall panel which been used in the expert student tutorial 1/ if there's any ideas or advaises......don't hesitate...
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    The problem is that you are trying to host a custom panel on non-rectangular faces. That isn't possible. You should look at Panels by Pattern and Adaptive Components for this.
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
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