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Reference planes on 45 degree angles (and then using dimension paramters) always fail

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    Reference planes on 45 degree angles (and then using dimension paramters) always fail


    I am trying to create an aligned dimension from the centre of a cylinder, to a reference plan on a 45 degree angle. I've attached an image to help explain.

    When I try to test my family there is always an "over constrained" warning. It seems like using a reference plane on a 45 degree angle always results in terrible things happening.
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    Try a reference LINE.
    You can lock the end of that to your middle point and add a angle dim.
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      The reason this breaks is that when the angle changes it wants to rotate the ref plane which revit will not do.
      For this kind of constraint, Robin is correct, you should use a reference line and not a reference plane. You can then lock the end point of that ref line with the centre-point and it will rotate using the ref planes you have constrained your angle dimension to as the angle value.


        The sequence of modeling is important.

        You'll want to make sure there is a heirarchy of constraints.

        Start with the reference line modeled on the "Reference Level", and align its endpoint to the intersection of the two origin reference planes. You will need to align and lock twice - once for horizontal (X), second for vertical (Y)

        Then you need to change the workplane of all of your geometry that wants to rotate onto that reference line using the

        If you have something that requires a different orientation that the workplanes that are available, you can always model more reference lines onto the original reference line. Think of it as the primary rig that everything needs to move ON.

        Anything that doesn't need to rotate doesn't need to follow this logic.
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          Thanks everyone. The reference line snapping to an intersection of reference planes worked.


            Thank you. Reference line worked once I locked it to the intersection of two reference planes.


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