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Type Catalog load error

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    Type Catalog load error

    Hello all,
    I get this when i try and load a family type catalog.

    here is the txt file line.

    here is the parameter

    If i delete the family type parameter from the txt file it works.
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    It's controlling the selection of a nested family. There is either something wrong with that nested family choice (not applicable to this family) or related parameters that control it have values that apply to it that won't work. For example, a length parameter could be too short for it to be created or an array value setting the number of "rollers" might not be valid. Quite often one row of data in the type catalog has a zero or null value that was overlooked while it was being made. Then later testing didn't try that combination which would have revealed the issue earlier.
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      There are no parameters for this nested family in the main family other than the one shown. I have this family in 9 locations. I turn them off by choosing a type that has nothing showing.

      I checked the txt file and can not find anything wrong.

      That specific type is the one currently in the main family for that type parameter. Unfortunately i can not post the models to a forum for peer review.

      FYI trying to import a type catalog into a family not a project.
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        Then perhaps the nested family is constrained to something in the host differently than the other nested families. For example, if one nested family is designed to flex from the center outward but another nested family is meant to flex from the left to the right. If these two families are constrained (aligned/locked) in the host and can't flex the way they individually need to then Revit will complain.


          I've found when importing a type catalog to a family inside of the family editor, it cannot handle Family Type parameters.
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            Originally posted by Andrew K
   cannot handle Family Type parameters...
            Well that would account for it...


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