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Title Blocks Create 2 stamps

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    Title Blocks Create 2 stamps

    sorry but my english is not so good.

    I've a problem to create 2 stamps into my Title Blocks
    I would be create 2 different stamps in 2 different familys (with Generic Annotation),
    and i would load this stamps into bij title blocks family, so that i can see one of them with the visibility parameter.
    Now can I create label's in the familys but the is a limit numbers of parameters
    I can create self a parameter Projectname but I would be custom the Project Name, Project Number, Project Client etc. from revit self!

    So can anyone tell me what I must do?

    Originally posted by Leon327 View Post
    sorry but my english is not so good.
    Don't worry dude, welcome to the forum.

    It sounds like you're having troubles with titleblocks - before jumping into starting a new post perhaps try a search first?

    There's a thread just under yours...

    - that should (hopefully) pick up your questions about custom parameters in a titleblock, adding gen. annotation families, and such. :thumbsup:


      Generic Annotation create label project parameter

      Thank you,
      I've read that thread but it's not a answer of my question.
      I've create a titleblock family with family types for paperformat A1, A2, A3, A4 ...
      Now would I create on A4 and A3 format title blocks a small stamp and on the bigger formats an bigg stamp.
      First I create in te title block an detail group with labels (project name, project client, .. ) and logo's,
      but you can't create an visibility parameter for detail groups.
      So I would create a generic annotation family and load it in my title block family and load this in my project.
      I can create labels in the generic annotation but not the Project Information Parameters with Revit self have create.
      I can only create a family parameter and I can't select an shared parameter.
      Hopely can anyone help me?


        Make both the items in your detail group and your main titleblock a "Titleblock" family. You should be able to load a TB into an other TB and link the parameters.

        TB should also allow you to do shared parameters.


          You can't load a title block family in a other title block family


            Have you tried changing the stamp to a "symbol" family?


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