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Ootb Revit detail component stretch controls

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    Ootb Revit detail component stretch controls

    Hi guys,

    Question about the stretch controls from the out of the box Revit detail component families.

    Is this able to be replicated when creating new detail component families? I am not seeing the mechanisms that set up the stretch control within the ootb families.

    I am aware and prepared to use the 2 reference planes plus instance parameter method to create a stretchable detail family, if I have to, but would like to clarity on how these other detail families are achieving their stretch control. Maybe it's glaringly obvious and in front of my face, but I have yet to figure this out and would appreciate any guidance!

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    What you are pointing at isnt a stretch control aka Drag Handle. Its a Line Based Detail Component, which is a two-pick (line) based object. Uses a different Family Template.
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      Awesome, as always you are exactly right! Thanks for taking a moment your time to share your knowledge!


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