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How to change imported in-place wall material

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    How to change imported in-place wall material

    Created an in-place wall, then imported a SAT file (exported from Rhino), and... that's it, cannot change the material.

    Here are some things I have tried:

    - Select the imported object in the family editor and change the material in the properties panel, but that parameter doesn't appear.
    - Explode the imported object in the family editor, but that button doesn't appear.
    - Import the SAT file as a Generic Model, but Revit will allow me to import it as a Wall only, with all its limitations.
    - Change the structural material in the type parameter, but nothing changes.
    - Cry, but the problem persists.

    I'm using Revit 2018

    Any ideas, please?

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      Originally posted by supereq View Post
      - Cry, but the problem persists
      LOL you make my day with that :laugh:, and for your problem, As already evoked by @DavidLarson it may be a very good idea to not do that, but if you have no choice you can do as follows:

      Go to >Manage > Object Styles > Imported Objects, once then you need to find your imported file, once then you can change the material and for consequence its appearance. hope this can help you stop crying :laugh:
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        If you are just worried about a render appearance you could "cheat" by just using the "paint surface" tool which will apply the texture/finish of your chosen material from your material library to the face of the object but it will not apply it to the material globally so if you have a lot of surfaces to "fix" the appearance of this will take you a while using this method and for the purpose of lists will not solve anything.


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