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    Parametric family

    Hello to all,

    Can anyone help me to figure it out why when change the type name of the road from 4 m into one with type name 4m to 6m and from 4m to 6m to 4 m does not work properly. The road should move exactly like the reference planes. The only situation when that road work just like I want is when I change the type name from 4m into one of 6 m. In the attachment I inserted the Revit 2017 file.

    Thank you in advance for your support.
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    Quite a few things to go through - but you want to:

    1. lock the centre of the sweep's arc
    2. lock the centre of the corner-bank element (?) arc
    3. reconsider which ref.plane sets up your origin (I would pick the arc centre)
    4. remove the 6000 dim to right (above the <Lengthe_2> constraint
    5. define & constrain a "helper" parameter for inner-radius
    6. accept that you can not have differing width's for a sweep (You need to use a swept-blend for that)



    Generally speaking though, it's your cambered profile, and desire to shape/flare between two widths that are setting the challenge - not the family rigging. Namely, rather than sketched-profiles, you would be advised to define a profile family so that you can articulate the (road) width and camber - and help counter the issues you'll have accommodating the blend.

    NB: you might want to look at using an Adaptive Component to do this.

    Additional thought: unless these are going to repeating precast modules, ala Scaletrix, then you're probably best off making the lengthes (sic) instance based.
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      Hi, ok, thank you for your feedback, but my desire is to able tho change the with of the road not the length. The second attachment - exercitiu is made with swept blend but when I change one with from 4 to 6m and th other one stays at 6m or in the other case to 4 m the problem what I encounter is on radius, which is not tangent to the the center. Can you help me with that issue, maybe you can be able to put a revit file with that situation?

      Thank you in advance for your support.


        The "issue" with the radius is (please forgive my explaining the obvious) that a radius is, by definition, a constant of an arc - so the challenge presented here is that the arc's centre point will "shift" the centre point, and angular size, to accommodate the variable widths of road - even with a 90degree turn.

        You could potentially change the circular-arc to an elliptical-arc, but since this is a road, and roads have their own rules for turns, I don't think applying base geometric rules is really going to return a "correct" result.


          Thank you snowyweston.


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