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Flexing Tag Family - Shape Handles

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    Flexing Tag Family - Shape Handles

    Ok I need assistance on figuring this out.

    Back Story:
    Revits Deck Span Direct symbol wont work for me because of matchline plans. The desk spans two sheet and the symbol wont. NOT GOOD.

    On to Custom Deck Span Tag then. This works great for our drawing standards when the deck spans the whole rool with no type changes in it. Our goal is to have a special tag when for instance we have a section of the deck that is acoustic deck. This symbol will reference the Deck Type parameter and have arrows attached to shape handels to stretch the symbol to the extents of the deck section.

    I am learning how to get families to have angle parametrics I have it flexing how I want. So thats all working. The problem I am having is, and I think its a Revit limitation. When the tag is places I dont get the shape hanels needed to stretch the side to extents. In fact I dont get any instance based parameters in the tag. Anyways around this besides makeing it a non referencing symbol/detail component?

    I need a refresher course on the whole shape handels within families. LOL
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    -Alex Cunningham

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    Tags and Annotations can't have shape handles

    The reason for this is because for some awesome reason, Annotations and Tags can not have instance parameters in a project. You can place instance parameters in the family, but they will not work in the project.

    You CAN however create a type parameter that you can change to "flex" the line length.

    So you are correct, it is a Revit feature (why on earth would you call this a limitation? Where would we be without all of these Revit "features"?).
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      Well then its on to a Detail Component then FFS. I have a few families that Ive gotten shape handels to work before. Ill look at them to figure out how I did it.
      -Alex Cunningham


        Originally posted by Alex Cunningham View Post
        ...Ill look at them to figure out how I did it.
        Carl is correct. The only annotation family with shape handles I have ever seen is the one that was posted here sometime ago, but the shape handles of that family would work on sheets and legends, only, not on model views. Perfect for faking a section line on a key plan, but useless for what you need.
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