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    scheduled revision clouds

    I was thinking about posting this on the wish list but maybe I'm overlooking something.

    I want to schedule my revision clouds.
    Workflow we currently use. When you make a change add a revision cloud add a unique number for the specific change and a short text description of what you changed in the comments field.

    But now I want to schedule the clouds so I can create a nice overview of all the changes in a revision. But its not possible.
    The annoying thing is the information is there cant take it out of the model. Or am I missing something?
    Ewoud Ruifrok
    Building Information Manager

    You want to create a schedule listing all changes in a Revision?
    Cannot be done in Revit User Interface. Maybe with the API...
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
    MdR Advies
    Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


      The Whitefeet Revit Menu Utilities have a feature where you can export revision data to excel. The intention is to permit some tracking of them, though external to Revit. Now that you are curious...maybe...wait till after the weekend to download and try them. He just posted the 2012 version recently but when I loaded them up I ran into some API errors. He's going to take a look at them this weekend and post any necessary revisions.

      He gave me this summary about the feature:

      Writes out the data associated with revisions with the names of the
      views and sheets where they appear. This idea is that we start to
      include notes with our clouds about what the change is and then we can
      produce a narrative report of all the changes. (Excel formatting is a
      little weak but it is a starting point)

      I've added a screen shot of a quick sample output of revision data, note the view reference to where the revision is located. Mario's got a bunch of neat little utilities lurking in there...sorry about having to wait til after the weekend to really try them out though.
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        @Steve_Stafford: thank you for The Whitefeet Revit Menu Utilities link. I will definitively look into it next week. Looks promising.

        I already found an other workaround myself, which uses a generic annotation which has a date, revision number, and comments parameter. These can be scheduled through the notes schedule. Disadvantage you lose the functionality of the revision menu which also sets the revision info in sheets. But combining the two is not to hard.

        I'm quiet amazed this isn't brought up more. Especially in large projects things like these are important. You should be able to keep track of all your changes. And not unimportant have a happy customer and managment that see another advantage of Revit.
        Ewoud Ruifrok
        Building Information Manager


          perhaps combine API w/ generic annotation so it will be totally internal within Revit? don't know if generic annotation is accessible through API as i never tried annotation stuff before, i mean through API.


            Check this tool on Autodesk App Store:

            Revision + Cloud Manager

            It finds all clouds in selected revisions, display them in a table, and you can export them to Excel.

            It can even find the detail number of a cloud automatically if that cloud is on a sheet.

            This tool also has robust features for managing revisions and sheets.

            There is a trial version available, so try it out!
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              If you were to use the CTC Tools "BIM Project Suite" you could export the data into an Excel spreadsheet. Download the 14 day trial & see for yourself the full benefits.
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                Exporting revision cloud parameters to Excel

                A comparable workflow is to use BIMLink to export revision cloud parameters to Excel where they can be formatted into a nice narrative.

                We export the sheet number and view number where the cloud appears as well as the comment field with a short description of what was revised.

                The mark parameter can also be used to track information, such as the RFI # that the revision is responding to.


                  The Autodesk App Store just published an tool by The Toolbelt Company that lets one comment and schedule on Revit’s native revision clouds and then export to excel. Very simple UI UX. Helps a lot with addendums and bulletins to track changes both externally and internally.

                  autodesk App Store link:

                  company product info link:


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